Brake drum maintenance

1. Strengthen the inspection before and on the way out, especially the braking, steering, transmission and wheel parts of the technical condition must be intact, to ensure reliable work.

2. Before downhill, pipeline inspection, especially some long and steep, so must be stopped, look to look at the road, and then carefully check the brake system, whether pressure is in good condition, air pressure is enough, whether the brake pipe leakage (air brake), oil (hydraulic brake), the connection parts have any signs of loosening. Meet a circumstance to want to solve in time, must not take any lucky psychology. After the above confirmation, proceed downhill again.

3. Correct braking USES the traction and resistance of the engine and foot brake to control the speed. It is forbidden to glide under the clutch pedal or in neutral and avoid emergency braking. Some drivers in order to save oil, when going downhill blindly put neutral glide, even flout glide, this is very dangerous. Downhill, the car center of gravity forward, inertia force into the driving force of the slope, so that the car speed naturally accelerated, the slope is steeper, longer, the car is heavier, the speed is faster, the driver has to use brake to reduce the speed, to ensure the safety of driving. In addition. Frequent use of foot brake, the air pressure loss in the storage cylinder is large, air compressor supply insufficient, may eventually lead to the brake is not working. If the engine is not used to drive down the slope when the traction resistance produced by the transmission device to reduce the speed, the car will not overspeed, the lower the gear, the better the traction resistance, to avoid frequent braking, to ensure safety.

4. Scientific driving when the downhill slope is relatively long and the curve is particularly many and urgent, can segment driving. After running a distance, find a section of slope slightly slow, front and rear vision good place to stop, on the one hand to let the air storage cylinder enough air, on the other hand to let brake drum and shoe cooling, and then drive.

5. Cooling brake drum car running, with the brake drum temperature rise, braking efficiency will obviously decline, therefore, the car installed with water storage, before the slope, open the water storage switch, make it to the brake drum outside the surface of water cooling, can effectively improve the braking efficiency.

6. Choose high quality brake fluid hydraulic brake cars mostly use alcohol brake fluid, its alcohol is easy to volatilize. Frequent braking, easy to increase the temperature of the brake pipeline to produce air resistance, brake failure. If choose some high boiling point, not easy to deteriorate high quality brake fluid, can greatly improve the safety factor.

Post time: Aug-11-2019